Calculate Your Water and Energy Saving Potential

Calculate Your Water and Energy Saving Potential

To maximize water and energy efficiency in the fastest, most economical, and environmentally-friendly way, reducing water consumption and lowering energy costs for hot water production while conserving water resources is crucial. With MANNESMANN’s innovative FlowSmart™ flow regulators and shower flow restrictors, significant savings in these costs can be achieved through water conservation. The Water and Energy Saving Calculator helps you determine your potential savings.

Using the Water and Energy Saving Calculator, you can easily calculate the potential amount of savings for both your household and business water and energy consumption. The calculator comes with default unit costs for water, electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil, which can be adjusted based on current tariff prices through the optional “Expert Settings” section. Input your current water consumption values to discover how much you can save and compare your efficiency level with other businesses.

How the Water and Energy Saving Calculator Works?

1. Specify the number of individuals using faucets and showers and enter the daily usage times for each person, including showers, sinks, and kitchen taps.

2. The calculator will show your water and energy savings as well as potential cost reductions.

Please note that actual unit costs for water and energy may vary depending on your location and applicable tariff rates. However, our calculations are based on default consumption and tariff data, considering statistical averages.

Expert Settings

For more accurate results, utilize the gear icon in the top right corner to access the “Expert Settings,” allowing customization of calculation values. Additionally, input the current flow rates of your sink and shower faucets in the “Expert Settings” section to obtain a more precise assessment of your water and energy saving potential. Discover the easy and effective way to save with the Water and Energy Saving Calculator!

Optimize Water and Energy Usage with MANNESMANN’s FlowSmart™ Products!

Even small adjustments at home, in your workplace, or public facilities can yield substantial water and energy savings. Embrace MANNESMANN’s FlowSmart™ water-saving products for showers, sinks, and kitchen faucets, and efficiently manage your water and energy consumption. MANNESMANN provides specially crafted aerators and flow regulators tailored for each faucet and shower. Embrace innovation and make the most of resources with MANNESMANN’s smart solutions!

Custom Flow Performance for Your Usage Habits

Initiating an era of efficiency in sink and bathroom shower faucets with the splendid harmony of technology and engineering, MANNESMANN offers economical product options that perfectly align with your style, usage habits, and needs.

To add more comfort, flexibility, and pleasure to your life, meet FlowSmart™ Water Saving Aerators as well as shower flow regulators and manage your water wisely.

Turn Your Faucets into Water and Energy Efficient Ones

  • Up to 85% water savings with Venturi flow
  • Enjoyable and comfortable experience with minimal water usage
  • Optimal performance in high-traffic areas
  • Consistent flow with pressure balancing system
  • Splash-free and full water flow
  • Impressive water flow even at low pressures
  • Even water distribution in multi-story buildings
  • Robust protection against limescale buildup
  • Effective solution against clogging with sediment filter
  • Durable body for long-lasting use

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  • Up to 75% water savings with high comfort
  • Enjoyable and comfortable shower experience with minimal water usage
  • Consistent flow with pressure balancing system
  • Doesn’t restrict flow until the desired rate is reached
  • Unaffected by sudden changes in pressure
  • Even water distribution in multi-story buildings
  • Ideal option for exceptional performance
  • Superior protection against limescale buildup
  • Made of stainless chrome-plated brass material
  • Durable body for long-lasting use

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