Shower Flow Rate Regulator 6L

Product Code MR05-6L
Compatibility All Shower Faucets with R1/2″ Outlet (M22x1,5)
Outlet Length Hose Extends 1cm After Installation
Stream Pattern Constant
Flow Rate at 1-8 Bar Pressure Maximum 6 Liters/Minute
Water Efficiency Water Saving up to 75%
Warranty 5 Years Guaranteed



– Maintains a constant flow rate of 6 liters per minute (flow rate per minute)
– Has pressure balancing feature (pressure-compensated flow control)
– Does not restrict the flow until the expected flow rate is reached
– Provides up to 75% water savings
– Not affected by sudden pressure changes, absorbs flash fluctuations
– Automatically balances pressure changes between 1 and 8 bar
– No loss of comfort, no splashing
– For use only with clean water applications (drinking water approved)
– High resistance to limescale
– Brass material with chrome coating
– 5-Year Warranty – helps to achieve minimum 2 credit points for “green” building certification
– Water efficiency rate ★★★★★★ (6/6)

Field of Usage:

Shower faucets, shower heads with spiral hoses, built-in shower heads.

Inlet and Connector Size:

Suitable for standard R½” bathroom faucets.

Used at the hose entry of the bathroom faucet or the hose entry of the built-in showers (between outlet of shower faucet and shower hose).