Water Saving Aerator For Bib & Pillar Taps 2L

Product Code TKC-2L
Compatibility Bib & Pillar Taps – Coupling System to Tap Mouth
Aerator Housing Outer Threaded (Male) F24x1 (With Coupling Adaptor)
Stream Pattern Spray Flow (Rain Spray Stream)
Flow Rate at 1-8 Bar Pressure Max. Flow Rate 2 Litres/Minute.
Water Efficiency Water Saving up to 90%
Warranty 5 Years Guaranteed



– Constant flow rate at 2 litres/minute (flow rate per minute)
– Provides water saving up to 90%
– Provides a non-splashing, non-aerated spray (rain spray stream)
– Ensures a virtually constant flow rate irrespective of sudden pressure fluctuations
– Pressure compensating for constant flow from 1 to 8 bar, mitigating the effects of pressure fluctuations
– Provides a splash free crystal clear (non-aerated) stream
– Considered for drinking water only (certification of materials and products used in drinking water)
– Anti-liming features
– Standard housing (chrome plated brass material) with coupling system to tap mouth
– 5-Year Warranty –  helps to achieve minimum 2 credit points for “green” building certification
– Water efficiency rate ★★★★★★ (6/6)
– RST® by MANNESMANN Türkiye

Field of Usage:

Recommended for application in lavoratory bib & pillar taps  (public bathrooms exposed to walk-in traffic and factory facilities).

Tap and Housing Dimension:

Bib & Pillar Tap: Coupling System – Housing: Male M24x1.